Presenting Limited Edition Giclees: "Windward Calm" and "Midnight Flight" by Roy Tabora March 27, 2017 15:34

Windward Calm

"Windward Calm"

Nā Mokulua.
Islands of sanctuary.
In serenity.

Available in Limited Edition Giclees

About the painting:
"Windward Calm" is a commissioned painting of Nā Mokulua, or "The Mokes"--a pair of islands off the windward coast of Oahu. Aside from Diamond Head, Tabora rarely paints known landmarks; and this is the first time he has painted The Mokes.  This edition represents only the second Hawaiian landmark to be published as a Tabora Limited Edition. 

Midnight Flight

"Midnight Flight"

Lovers behold a wondrous scene by serendipity:
A glorious contrast of tumult and tranquility;
The watchful silence amidst the thunderous roar.
Like birds in midnight flight, their spirits soar.

Available in Limited Edition Giclees